Matt acrylic water-based paint for any surface.  Covers in one to two coats.

This set has six beautiful basic colours. 

Contains: Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black  50ml.

Some information about Daily Art Acrylic Paints

    • Premium indoor/outdoor craft acrylic paint with a satin finish. It has perfect adhesion to any clean and dry surface including plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, metal, fabric, canvas, paper, and terracotta or old painted surfaces with acrylic or oil. With these paints, you can add colour to anything indoor or outdoor.
    • The paint's formula has a balance of extra pigment load and viscosity of a liquid, which gives you to paint on any surface directly without prior priming.
    • The paint has excellent coverage in one to two coats depending on the colour of the background and on the coat colour.
    • The paint leaves no brush strokes. The self-leveling formula of this premium craft paint will let you cover any size surfaces evenly and smoothly.
    • The finish coat is durable and washable with soap and water. I recommend waiting up to 30 days before the first soap and water cleaning.
    • It is water-based light odour paint, acid-free and non-toxic, perfect for professionals and beginners alike. 


Acrylic Paint Set Basic Colors 6 x 50 ml

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