Primer and Paints

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  • Vintage Paints

    Water-based paint provides a chalky ultra-matt look and soft feel . It has amazing coverage and comes in a great range of colours. Can be finished for extra durability with the Daily Art varnish or Polyvine wax finish varnish.

  • Matt (Acrylic) Paints

    Matt all-purpose quality thick acrylic paint is used for decorative painting on any hard and surface. Paint can be diluted with water, mixed with mediums to create special effects or can be varnished for additional protection. Easily removable with soap and water while wet. When dry forms water resistant coating. Keep from freezing!

  • Primers and Mediums
  • Metallic Paints

    Universal paints with metallic shine . Can be applied to any surface including fabrics. Fabrics are washable after ironing. The paints include metal pigments that create a realistic finish and solid shine.

  • Paint Sets

    Sets of acrylic colours for beginners or for working on small projects.

  • Frost Paint

    Water based acrylic frost effect paint for decoration of any hard surface. Especially bright effect is achieved on transparent surfaces.

  • Gouache Paints

    High quality opaque and matt gum arabic and water-based paint with high covering power for fine-art students and artists.