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High quality glues, varnishes and products for all your decoupage and paper crafts. Daily Art are the creators...



  • Glues and Varnishes

    Glues and Varnishes suitable for decoupage.

  • Vintage Paints - No sanding, no priming, gorgeous colours.

    This is the newest paint to be added to the Daily Art Range. It is a no sand, no prime water based paint that gives a beautiful chalky ultra- matt look and feel. Finish with Daily Art or Polyvine Varnish.

  • Crackle effect

    Crackle allow you to obtain ageing effect to product and make it look older than it really is. Work with crackle require alot of time,patience and skill but effect is worthwhile Crackle that I'm selling are tested in Ireland,however it requires warm and low humidity condition to work correctly.

  • Bitumen, Patina and Pigments

    Daily Art produce a variety of products that will add an extra dimension to your work. Metallic and matt pigments , Wax Patinas, Bitumen, patina mediums and Chameleon effects.

  • Primer and Paints
  • Pearl Pens and Mixed Media Sprays

    Pearl Pens and Mixed Media Sprays

  • Gilding Products

    Gilding Foil, flakes, glue(size) and varnish especially for gilding.

  • Wood Stain

    Water based stain for wood surfaces. Colours and accents wood. Can be used in the classic way (building up layers to create a wood effect). You can also use to create an shabby wood effect (one layer of deep colour, one layer of white paint , then sand back. You must cover the wood stain with varnish .

  • Creative Finishes Sets

    Set for decorations. Each set contains all the materials needed to decorate an object up to 25 centimetres squared in a particular technique.

  • Glitter Paste and Pens

    Universal 3-dimensional water based gel-paint. Use on any surfaces textile, paper, wood, plastic, etc.

  • Structure & Velvet Effect Pastes

    Structure Paste and Velvet pastes - great for 3D stencils and relief work. In addition the velvet pastes can be used as a thick paste.