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Paper especially designed for decoupage. Thicker then napkins and rice paper- easy to use.


  • Classic Decoupage Paper - A3

    Fantastic quality decoupage images on 60 g/m 2 paper. Very thin and tough white , you soak before use and glue over and under , then when dry varnish . The colours don't run and stay bright throughout this process. Fantastic variety of designs.

  • Decoupage Paper (Decomarche )

    Strong , thin paper especially designed for decoupage.

  • Classic Decoupage Paper - 50 x 70 cm

    Stamperia Classic Decoupage Paper

  • Soft Decoupage Paper

    Soft paper is especially designed for decoupage. At 40g/m2 it is half way between rice paper and Classic paper. Excellent for decorating wood but also to different surfaces as: glass, mdf, or also a polystyrene foam. As it is thinner than classic paper, less varnish is required to get a good effect.